The Japanese man Phil Fish told “your games just SUCK” has some words for him

The man standing stone faced in the middle of all that laughter is Makoto Goto, an indie games developer from Japan. He was attending the Q&A session of "Indie Game: the movie" and was delighted to see that Japanese games were such a prominent part of the movie. Standing up to ask the panel what they thought of Japanese games, Fish responded with the infamous line "your games just SUCK!" to a chorus of laughter (and Jonathan Blow leaping in on damage control). English is not his first language so Makoto did not understand the slang term 'suck' but he 'read the air' and broke into a cold sweat. But Makoto kept his cool, thanked the panel for their answer and sat back down, the Q&A session continuing on. When Fish was later asked by Kotaku to clarify what he meant by "suck" here was his response:

"My delivery could have been more tactful, but I do think most modern Japanese games are god-damn awful."


What of Makoto Goto? Here's how he remembers the moment:

Brian Ashcraft of Kotaku also spoke with him

Instead of losing heart at a room full of people laughing at his expense, Makoto Goto took "your games just SUCK" as a challenge to keep on making games. There is no bad blood between him and Fish either, and afterwards the Japanese and Canadian told each other to enjoy the GDC.


Now that Phil Fish has announced he's quitting games due to twitter slandering, Makoto Goto has some words for him:


Like a Shonen Manga Hero, Makoto Goto doesn't want his rival to give up

Despite what Edge might say about needing more Fishes in the industry, I say, what the games industry REALLY NEEDS is more good hearted men like Makoto Goto, someone who can extend us a helping hand when we're feeling fishy.

*You can check out Makoto Goto's games here! Such as "HEART BOILED"


"Our game is a lot of fall in love!!!! Players are Angels. Shoot heart arrow toward to people!! Players have to make people fall in loves!! Player 1 is one of the Angel, and Player 2 is another Angel. Players have to shoot a arrow to people for fall in love. It is required two persons. It is necessary for Player 1 and 2 are to support each other to shoot different persons to make them fall in love.
-Makoto Goto's description of Heart Boiled

Makoto Goto has a day job and dedicates his free time to pursuing his passion of games, so send any words of encouragement you have to his twitter @SquashSesame!


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